Conditions of application, placement and participation of all persons, adult and youth, (“applicants” and/or “participants”) participating in ICNA Muslim Family Camps 2011 at Camp Seely, California (“the program”). The Islamic Circle of North America (“ICNA”), ICNA Southern California, ICNA Muslim Family Camps, its organizations/affiliates, agents and employees, volunteers and sponsors collectively referred to herein as “ICNA Muslim Family Camps”. Camp Seely, its organizations/affiliates, agents and employees, volunteers and sponsors collectively referred to herein as the “camp” and/or “resort”.

Applicants who wish to be placed and participate on the program should understand that they enter into a contract with ICNA Muslim Family Camps and will agree to following:

  • NO SMOKING is allowed in or around any buildings, cabins and/or restrooms. SMOKING is permitted only in specific areas designated by the Fire Department. (Check with camp staff on-duty.)
  • NO alcohol, illegal drugs, fireworks, weapons, firearms and pets.
  • PARK IN DESIGNATED AREAS ONLY. Do not park on off road. Do not block trash cans and emergency access to the camp.
  • Fire alarm and extinguishers are to be used only in case of emergency, and by an adult. Any false alarms or unnecessary use of extinguishers will result in fines.
  • Cabins are set up for sleeping only.  The cabins must be left exactly as they were found prior to departure. Brooms and mops are available in each cabin.
  • Since cell phones do not work, please plan accordingly.
  • Any and all personal belongings are the sole responsibility of their owner. Camp organizers are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Items of value are not recommended for camp.  These items include, but are not limited to anything that has a power switch, jewelry, etc.
  • No food or drinks (except water) are allowed in the cabins.
  • All attendees must remain inside the campgrounds. Unless on an adult supervised hike or activity, children should not wander off on their own.
  • Child care is not available at the camp. Please supervise your children at all times. Camp organizers are not responsible for the children.

Families wanting to stay in a cabin will be considered, provided:

1. The number of people registered in the family is equal to, or more than the capacity of cabin available, and without any claim of refund on excess occupancy.

2. If the number of family members registered is less than the capacity of the available cabin, the difference in cost will have to be paid by the family before allotment.

3. Every member accommodated in a Cabin in excess of its capacity has to pay according to the above rates.

4. There are about Thirty Cabins for allotment on Family  basis for those families who register and pay their complete fees early. All others will be sharing the cabin allotted to them with other member of the same gender.

5. The Camp Organizers have all rights to make final decision incase of any dispute occurs regarding the allotment of the cabins.

That ICNA Muslim Family Camps and its staff undertake at all times to treat applicants and participants with courtesy and respect. In return for this we require our applicants and participants to always be courteous and polite to our staff, employees, agents and volunteers. You therefore agree that hostile or aggressive behavior by applicants/participants will result in immediate cancellation from the program and the forfeiting of all payments.

To abide by all lawful rules and reasonable regulations of ICNA Muslim Family Camps contained herein and of the camp. Pleased be advised that the camp has a strict no tolerance policy. If you break any of the rules you will be immediately removed from the camp and will be responsible for any costs incurred by ICNA Muslim Family Camps as a result.

That ICNA Muslim Family Camps reserves the right to cancel placement and participation of any applicant without explanation. In these very rare circumstances, at ICNA Muslim Family Camps’s discretion, no refund of charges will be made.

To Co-operate fully with those supervising the program on behalf of ICNA Muslim Family Camps, and you agree to abide by any reasonable instructions they may give you.

And acknowledge that you are not an employee or agent of ICNA Muslim Family Camps or any affiliate thereof and agree not to make any representations to any third party or employee of the participating camp or resort to that effect.

That ICNA Muslim Family Camps does not own or in any way assume responsibility for the operation of the camp. The running of each camp or resort is solely at the discretion of its proprietor and/or director. As a consequence, ICNA Muslim Family Camps cannot, and does not, accept liability for any decisions, actions or omissions of whatever nature made by or on behalf of the proprietors and/or directors of the camps or resorts. If you consider that you have suffered any loss, injury or damage whatsoever as a result of any such decisions, actions or omissions, your right to recourse lies against the director or proprietor of the individual camp or resort. Your application, placement and participation with ICNA Muslim Family Camps is subject to this condition.

To be responsible for any liability, obligation, loss or expense including court costs and legal fees, incurred by ICNA Muslim Family Camps, its staff, agents, employees and organizations/affiliates, agents and employees, volunteers and sponsors, the participating camp or resort or third party resulting from any injury, loss, property damage or expense that you directly or indirectly cause or to which you contribute in any way.

To waive and release ICNA Muslim Family Camps from any claims whatsoever arising from any injury, loss, damage, accident, delay, or expense resulting from events beyond its control, including without limitation acts of God, acts of war, strikes, incidents of politically motivated violence, terrorism, sickness or quarantine, government restrictions or regulations, and, in the absence of gross negligence (or negligence in the case of personal injury) by ICNA Muslim Family Camps arising from the application, placement and participation in the program or from any act or omission by any agent or employee or guests of the camp, individual, firm, or company.

That the law of the State of California should apply to this Agreement between you and ICNA Muslim Family Camps and you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the California Courts.